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Posted on May 15, 2019

Protect Your Data and Your Online Identity with Myki and TrackOFF.

TrackOFF is partnering with Myki to offer users complete control of their data, and complete anonymity online.

Myki is an easy-to-use, privacy-centric password manager that does not store your data in the cloud. Coupled with TrackOFF’s anti-tracking technology, you’ll be able to shield your online identity without having to worry about unwanted access to your sensitive information.

How Does TrackOFF Secure Your Online Privacy?

Every time you visit a website, your personal information is exposed. In fact, 75% of websites track your site visits by monitoring your behavior on-page, including where you’ve clicked, how long you’ve stayed on a page, what you’ve purchased, and more.

Advertisers, trackers, and identity thieves use your browsing history to create a unique digital profile based on your device attributes, and the online activity associated with your identity. This is all done with the ultimate goal of selling your online behavior to the highest bidder.

TrackOFF’s anti-tracking technology:

  • Exposes and disables online trackers automatically.
  • Clears hard-to-erase tracking cookies from your browser so your personal data remains hidden.
  • Blocks targeted advertisements and wipes your browsing history automatically.

How Does Myki Protect Your Passwords?

The Myki App stores your passwords and sensitive data offline, away from the cloud, allowing you to log in to your accounts on any trusted device by pairing your Myki App with your computer using P2P encryption.

Like TrackOFF, Myki is designed with privacy in mind:

  • All traffic goes through HTTPS.
  • AES-256 encrypts passwords that are sent between your phone and the browser extension in both directions.
  • The key exchange happens when the extension QR code is scanned.
  • Shared Passwords are AES-256 encrypted with a random key that is encrypted using RSA-2048.

And the best part? You no longer have to worry about safeguarding or remembering your passwords.

To download Myki, visit: