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Posted on May 25, 2018

Q&A With TrackOFF founders, Chandler Givens and Ryan Flach

As security professionals, we all want to enhance our privacy as well as the privacy of our workplace, personal life and family. Late last year, Gula Tech Adventures invested in a Baltimore based company called TrackOFF that does exactly that. They’ve created a very popular mass-market privacy application that is simple and effective to use for a wide variety of audiences. I caught up with the co-founders (Chandler Givens and Ryan Flach) of TrackOFF and asked them some questions about privacy and their solutions.

TrackOFF is all about being private on the Internet. What do you mean by that?

Being private is definitely part of it, but more broadly what TrackOFF strives to do is empower consumers to have control of the flow of their personal information. Some folks will say, “I don’t need to be private, I’m not doing anything wrong.” But that’s not the right way to view the problem. The issue is people have completely lost the ability to determine who has access to their information and how it’s used.

Your product goes way beyond clearing my browser cookies. You offer a VPN and countermeasures to keep marketing folks (and I like to say nation states) from tracking me uniquely. How much of an arms race is this?

The reality is that there is now a multi-billion dollar industry devoted to the collection and sale of user data. We shouldn’t be surprised then to learn that nearly every day we’re seeing new innovative techniques used to identify and personally track users. This is big business, and it’s moving at an incredible pace without enough responsible dialogue about the consequences.

How does GDPR effect your users and market in Europe and here in the US?

How much time do you have? But seriously, the short answer is a lot. GDPR also opens up some neat opportunities for us to help consumers in the EU, and we’re working on a really cool service for users there I wish I could tell you more about publicly.

What sorts of partnerships do you have and why were those vendors motivated to work with you?

We’re really fortunate to have partnerships with a wide array of companies in different verticals, from multinational cybersecurity firms to franchise computer repair shops. The reason we’ve been able to secure these partnerships is really two-fold I believe. The first is that our digital fingerprint obfuscation technology (read: anti-tracking tech) is the most advanced protection against new privacy threats. The second is the talent of our team. Companies rely on our expertise because we have an incredible group of people focused on these problems, and it helps we’ve figured out how to commercialize the solutions.

What technologies do you support and what’s on your roadmap?

TrackOFF currently works on PCs and Android devices, and we’ll be releasing our iOS and Mac versions within the next 6 months.

Where can readers go to learn more about TrackOFF?

Check us out at, or pick up one of our boxes the next time you’re at Best Buy.

This blog originally appeared on Medium, by Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures.