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Government Technology

Lawmakers Can Preach Online Privacy, but Do They Practice It?

Tracking tools embedded in campaign websites draw a sharp parallel to the practices many lawmakers have blasted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for allowing.


These legislators preach internet privacy, but they still use website tools that snoop

Dozens of lawmakers in Congress are using tracking tools on their campaign websites to collect personal information about online visitors.

Digital Journal

Q&A: Eliminating your digital fingerprint to protect your data

Politicians and businesses frequently use tracking technology on their websites to track and analyze potential voter or consumer behavior.


Baltimore startup TrackOFF finds uptick in candidates tracking digital fingerprints

The Canton-based data privacy company conducted research finding 95 out of 100 midterm candidates were using device fingerprinting tools from Google, Facebook and other sources.

Baltimore Business Journal

Baltimore cyber firm's study shows politicians are digitally tracking voters

We already know advertisers are tracking and targeting us online. It's why we see so many ads for some product we once searched for pop up on Google.