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The Wall Street Journal

Who Has More of Your Personal Data Than Facebook? Try Google

Google’s data-gathering empire is bigger and more pervasive than Facebook’s—and while it hasn’t been plagued by scandal, it can’t evade scrutiny forever.

The Wall Street Journal

Your Location Data Is Being Sold—Often Without Your Knowledge

TrackOFF CEO talks with the WSJ about companies selling your data

PC Magazine

Reclaim Your Data and Protect Your Privacy

Rated "Excellent" by PC Magazine, TrackOFF empowers consumers with effective, easy-to-use data and privacy protection

The Daily Record

Baltimore cyber company disguises digital fingerprints

TrackOFF was featured in The Daily Record.


National security is at risk because Congress wants to make it easier to buy and sell your internet data

CEO Chandler Givens provides insight and analysis on Congress's recent decision to put your online data up for sale.