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Reviews and testimonials

Here's what the experts and users are saying about TrackOFF

"TrackOFF won't protect you from ransomware, or keep viruses out of your system. It's laser-focused on protecting your privacy. You can use it for mundane tasks like clearing cookies or deleting browser data, and you can launch anonymous searches from within the application. But the heart of the product is its ability to foil attempts to track you based on your browser fingerprint, a unique technology that I haven't seen in any other products."

"TrackOFF is a simple yet highly efficient application devoted to protecting your computer from any unwanted visitor attempting to steal your most valuable information. It will not only protect your browsers and your browsing experience but will also alert to stop any privacy attack trying to compromise your security."

"This utility won't conflict with any existing antivirus programs you may have on your computer. It is actually encouraged to use it in tandem with with an antivirus program or with a VPN client."

"The software was easy to load and the support was very helpful and knowledgeable. I only called to ensure I set the settings to its highest protection. I'm loving it. I can look on the dashboard and see how many sites are trying to track my computers. I really appreciate the software and I really appreciate the representative of TrackOff that emailed me to thank me for my purchase and offer me further assistance in the future.
I have had a wonderful experience with the TrackOff software and their personnel."

"I purchased TrackOFF about 6 months ago and I'm very happy with the product. After I've been shopping I go to Facebook and don't find what I just purchased to be advertised there. TrackOFF does this job and is very easy to install. You can erase your browsing data from all of your browsers and clear all of your cookies in a matter of seconds. I recommend this product to everyone who does not like to be tracked when they go online. Keep up the good work TrackOFF! I will be a forever customer."

"I bought your product mainly for the vpn and it works wonderfully without throttling my download or streaming speeds! I will be renewing the subscription next year."

"I find the VPN most helpful, I mainly use it when I'm with another Wi-Fi connection or logging into my bank app, it gives me a good mind set that I don't have to worry about anything or anyone getting my info. Also no more ads ??.
With the step by step guides I understood everything. I love it. Did not have too many complications, and it was easy to use."