Teaming up with TrackOFF

Want to capture exploding demand for ID theft prevention? Customers been asking for privacy protection software? Looking to integrate cutting-edge anti-tracking technology into your current suite of products?

Look no further than TrackOFF! We offer wholesales licenses for resellers and affiliates, licensing partners, and businesses. Click below to learn more.

Reseller and Affiliate Programs

Whether you're a retailer, e-tailer, tech support company, or just want to protect your customers from intrusive tracking technology,
enjoy an immediate boost in revenue by offering TrackOFF to current or prospective customers.

The time is now

Demand for online privacy tools is booming worldwide. 60% of consumers age 40-69 worry “some or a great deal” about privacy loss and ID theft. TrackOFF is the only consumer software that provides 360-degree protection from hackers, trackers, and ID thieves.

Long-term profitability

Our partners come for the prices, but stay for the technology. We're constantly improving TrackOFF — adding new features and sharpening the protection tools, which means your customers are more likely to renew their subscriptions year after year.

Reseller Partnership

There's a reason why some of the top names in software added TrackOFF to their product line. Demand for online privacy is higher than ever, and our products offer the functionality and user experience that addresses every major threat to a user’s identity and personal information. If you’re a distributor or reseller that sells antivirus or security products, it’s time to consider TrackOFF.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Adoption rates as high as 65% in tech support and MSP sales channels
  • Less than 2% refunds in major retail channels
  • Decreasing chargebacks by up to 50%
  • Increasing sales by 20%
  • Excellent reviews from outlets like PC Magazine, and customers alike

Affiliate Program

Largescale data breaches, Big Data corporations abusing their customers' information, and the Government intruding into citizens' personal lives continue to dominate the news cycles. All you need to do is let people know that a solution exists.

We offer healthy commissions and know conversion rates will exceed industry standards. Become an affiliate. It's a no-brainer.

What comes with being a TrackOFF partner?

  • Earn up to 40% Commission on sales
  • Dedicated affiliate management by Lab6 Media
  • Optimized marketing collateral to drive sales

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Get started in less than 24 hours

Enjoy all partnership benefits like the reseller portal, marketing materials tailored for your brand,
on-site demos for your sales agents, dedicated account manager and much more.

Licensing and Integration Options

Consumers are hungry for means to guard against new privacy threats. So why offer them the same old security protection features?
Learn more about the menu of anti-tracking measures we can help you easily deploy in your next build.

Desktop SDK

Real Time Tracking Alerts

The user is notified when malicious online attempts are made to capture information about their identity and personal data.

Company Notifications

Using API communications, various alerts may be delivered from the company portal to the user in real-time via the desktop or mobile application.

Simple UI and Privacy Score

Easy to understand data visualization graphics provide users with an understanding of how to help prevent online ID theft.

VPN Encrypted Browsing

Users can shield their IP Address and other data from trackers and encrypt their browsing to stay 100% private online.

Private Search

A portal connects the user with DuckDuckGo's search engine to reduce the risk of user data being collected and exploited while searching the web.

Mobile SDK

Tailored Alerts

An API that can be used to display various types of alerts to the user in-app, presenting an opportunity of having another channel of communication with the user.

Scoring System

A proprietary scoring algorithm updates the user on their ID theft protection level. Users feel peace of mind when they achieve a high online identity score.

Private Browser

Lets users surf the web without their personal info being stored, shared, or sold. Includes protection from all sophisticated online tracking measures.

VPN Encrypted Browsing

Technology can be added to any existing app. Customers will appreciate the ability to keep their browsing protected from hackers when connected to public Wi-Fi.

App Checkup

Ratings system that can be loaded on to all smartphones. Helps users determine which apps are the biggest threat to their mobile privacy.

Protect Mode

Requires a password to be entered before use of designated applications. Prevents children and thieves from accessing certain apps.

Blackout Mode

Disables apps during a specified time period. For example, block access to Facebook during school hours or lock the Gmail app if the phone is lost.

Enhanced Identify Theft Detection

Searches databases comprised of information obtained during data breaches to determine if user data has been exposed.

TrackOFF For Business

Would you be alright with your employees emailing your competitor with details about R&D? How about your colleagues letting others know your
trade secrets? Unfortunately, this information is already being sent to third parties via online tracking.
Get TrackOFF for Business now and put an end to it.

  • Enterprise-level tracking protection

    Advanced tracking technology doesn't just steal from consumers. Companies are just as susceptible. Prevent the trackers from identifying your employees and selling off your secrets to the highest bidder.

  • Military-grade encryption

    Stop hackers from stealing your company’s most sensitive information. TrackOFF VPN shields your employees from outsiders and those who don't prioritize your business's interests.

  • MDM platform compatibility

    Protecting your company doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Your employees have access to work emails and documents on all of their devices. Lock down your sensitive information with a mobile solution that will keep your company safe.

Want to learn more?

For more information, contact Alex McGlynn,
VP of Business Development, directly at [email protected]
(814) 289-1052