Introducing TrackOFF Standard

Identify fraud can damage your or your family's reputation, credit, or finances. Prevent it by stopping trackers trying to collect, steal, and sell your personal data online. Beyond ad blocking and beyond what you can do for yourself.

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Best for casual Internet users

When you're sitting comfortably around at home surfing the web, shopping online, checking the news, or keeping up with
social media—keep online trackers from seeing what you're doing and using it against you.

  • Detect & stop tracking threats

    See who's attempting to nab your data and protect your fingerprint to prevent leaving tracks.

  • Search privately

    Did you know that the top online search engines record everything you do? We'll connect you with a search engine that doesn't log or store your queries.

  • Wipe your browser history

    Protect yourself from thieves trying to use data about who you are and where you've been online.

  • Q: Does TrackOFF Standard block targeted ads?

    — Yes. By using the automated cookie clearing feature, you can stop ads from following you. Note that this won't prevent all ads from appearing like an ad-blocker. Just the creepy ones.

  • Q: Does TrackOFF Standard come with a mobile version?

    — TrackOFF for Android is sold separately and includes its own great suite of mobile specific features.

  • Q: Will people be able to track me online while using TrackOFF Standard?

    — Nope! While using TrackOFF Standard, hackers and trackers aren't able to identify you based on data left behind on the internet by your computer.


Works with Windows® 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and every major antivirus product.

Install and use on up to three different personal computers.

System requirements

512MB RAM, 100MB free disk space.
Internet connection needed for install and updates.

Supported browsers

Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Reclaim your identity and personal data

TrackOFF wipes away your online tracks before you leave them

  • Prevents online ID theft

    Your computer has a unique
    fingerprint that's used to identify and track you. TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

  • Shields your Internet browsing history from prying eyes

    Hard-to-remove tracking cookies tell the story of who you are and where you've been. TrackOFF blasts them away in seconds.

  • Shows who's trying to track you and stops them

    Ever wonder who's following you online? TrackOFF shows you a list of every website trying to scoop up your info.

  • Runs in the background

    Easy to use application that runs in the background with no hassle.

  • Detects threats in real-time

    State-of-the-art technology identifies attempts to collect your personal, family, medical, and financial data.

  • Schedules your browsing cleanings

    Don't have time to manually erase your browsing history? No worries! Set it and forget it with easy removal.

  • Helps you search privately

    With DuckDuckGo, you can perform searches with peace of mind that they'll never be logged.

  • Installs easily

    A no-hassle configuration means that you're protected in minutes.

  • Automatically detects browsers

    TrackOFF knows which browsers are on your computer and enables protection.

  • Won't degrade your browsing

    Other software blocks essential elements of webpages. TrackOFF was designed to allow the good and stop the bad.

  • Doesn't store your data

    We believe in true privacy online, which means we'll never collect or sell your personal information.