Frequently Asked Questions

TrackOFF is here to provide simple answers for your most common questions.

Online Tracking and Privacy

Online tracking is the process of gathering information about you and everyone through sophisticated analytics embedded on websites.
Online tracking can affect you in several ways. For example, trackers can gather information about you without your consent and sell it to the highest bidder. Hackers can steal your passwords and bank information. ID thieves can even open fake accounts and ruin your credit score.
TrackOFF injects fake information into the data that make up your digital fingerprint. Effectively, this changes what trackers and third-parties can see about you.

TrackOFF also clears those hard-to-erase tracking cookies away from your browser.
Digital fingerprinting is the newest form of online tracking that uses a combination of data about your web browser and computer to identify you.
Cookies are files that websites, trackers, and third-parties leave on your browser. These tiny files let them see where you've been and what you've done online. (Targeted ads that follow you around online are a direct result of cookies on your browser.) Unlike with your digital fingerprint, it's much easier to delete cookies and erase your browsing history. Clear your cookies regularly, and the targeted ads will stop!
Many websites you visit download cookies to your browser or collect unique data on your device. This information is used to identify you when you return to the site or any other site participating in the same tracking system.

TrackOFF Desktop Application

No, TrackOFF does not block ads.
TrackOFF is not an ad blocker, and you will still see ads on some of your favorite websites. However, TrackOFF will prevent targeted ads (for example, an ad for a product you recently viewed) every time you remove browsing history and data.
Once you have installed and configured TrackOFF, you can simply let it run in the background and it will protect your privacy as you use the internet. Setup consists of installing an extension in your browser and setting up a Cookie Clearing schedule. That’s it! Then you`re protected!
Your Privacy Score is a numerical value that we assign to you based on the various setting you enable or disable in the TrackOFF application. The fewer privacy protections, the lower your score
A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, hides your IP address and masks your location. VPNs also encrypt your Internet traffic so hackers and your Internet service providers can't see what you're doing online.
Try to reinstall the application first by clicking here. If TrackOFF is still not working, contact support.
Certain browsers require the use of an extension for software to be compatible with them. That's why TrackOFF uses extensions with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The extensions on these browsers allow TrackOFF to detect Potential Tracking Attempts.

Browsers like Internet Explorer and Edge do not require you to enable extensions.

TrackOFF Mobile Application

Not yet! Mobile application license keys are sold separately from desktop application keys.
Yes! By using the Private Browser in TrackOFF Privacy Tools, marketers and advertisers won't know who you are while you use your smartphone.
TrackOFF Privacy Tools comes with VPN encryption as part of your subscription.
Unfortunately, TrackOFF cannot change the various settings on your phone's apps. However, we can show how to take the steps necessary to enhance your privacy. Refer to your application for further details.
License keys are available for purchase from our checkout cart here. Once you receive your key, go to the Google Play Store, tap "Install," and enter the key when prompted.
No, TrackOFF Privacy Tools is not yet compatible with iOS


After you purchased TrackOFF, an activation email with your key should have been sent to the address on file. If you're unable to locate the email, contact support.
Antivirus is good at protecting your computer, files and photos, but it does not protect your online identity. TrackOFF is an added layer of privacy protection on top of your current antivirus software.